Our Services
Lykowski Construction, Inc. specializes in moving, shoring, and raising of solid masonry, masonry veneer, wood frame, steel buildings, pole barns, and concrete slab structures. We can coordinate all aspects of your project with your local trades people (foundation, mechanical, excavating contractors, etc.) to keep your cost down and help support the work forces in your area.

We've got the tools
We presently have equipment to safely transport a building up to 1,000 tons with capabilities to move heavier. Between Lykowski Manufacturing, Inc. and Lykowski Construction, Inc., we've got the equipment and the knowledge to manage your next project. By building the very equipment we employ, our staff is as well versed in the skillful and diligent handling of your building. This allows our team to complete your project quickly, effectively, and safely.

Safety is job #1
Backed by over 30 years of experience and a spotless safety record, Lykowski Construction is able to offer the equipment, know-how, and man power to tackle even the toughest structural projects. Whether its moving a 3-story building, or shoring up a crumbling foundation, we've got what it takes!

Insurance Coverage
We are backed by one of the largest A+ rated insurance companies in the world and carry annual policies of General Liability, Workers Compensation, Vehicle, and Cargo Insurance for damage to the structure to protect your investment. Any coverage can be increased to meet your requirements. This includes all structure moving operations, including explosion, collapse, and underground coverage for protection to all parties. However, since established 37 years ago, Lykowski Construction, Inc. is proud to say we have never had a claim on any project.


  • - Moving large structures
  • - Shoring damaged or collapsing structures
  • - Raising/moving of solid masonry

Past Projects Include
  • - Masonry veneer
  • - Wood frame buildings
  • - Pole barns/ steel buildings
  • - Concrete slab structures
  • - Solid masonry buildings
  • - Foundation replacement